mandag den 21. juni 2010

Salad with mango, onion and cucumber

Insalata di mango, cipolle e cetrioli
Generally speaking, I prefer locally grown fruits and vegetables, but hypocrisy prevails when the supermarket once in a blue moon offers fresh mangos. Green mango is great in homemade pickles and chutneys. Ripe mango is perfect for lassi, ice cream and smoothies. And salads made with raw mango pieces stand out as something different, new and refreshing.

As an example try this combination of mango, onions, and cucumber topped with crisp fried coppa or prosciutto crudo. You won’t be disappointed.

1 mango
1 red onion
1 long cucumber or 2 short ones
4 slices of cured ham (prosciutto crudo, speck or coppa)
1 tbsp white wine vinegar

Fry the ham in a little olive oil until it is crispy and curly. Leave it to cool on absorbent kitchen paper.
Clean and cube cucumbers (the short south European version should be peeled and cored before use, while longer north European cucumbers can be used as is).
Peel and slice the onion finely.
Peel and cut the mango in appropriately sized dices.
Mix the greens, sprinkle with vinegar and top with fried ham before serving.

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