søndag den 18. juli 2010

Fried squash flowers

Fiori di zucchini fritti
One day around noon my neighbour came over with a plate of crisp, golden, steaming hot zucchini flowers.

– I made these instead of the meat dish today, and I thought you might like a taste, she said.

The delicious snacks were almost gone, before I had time to pick up the camera, so I asked for the recipe, and a few days later I received a bunch of freshly cut zucchini flowers from her garden. Lacking confidence in my linguistic or culinary abilities, she insisted on demonstrating exactly how her fiori di zucchini fritti should be made. So this is the absolutely authentic version alla Cosima.

12 squash flowers
15 g fresh yeast
4 dl white flour
Olive oil
Salt, pepper, parsley and a little garlic
2 eggs

Clean the squash flowers thoroughly in cold water without breaking them.
Dissolve yeast in water.
Add flour, salt, pepper and more water till you have a smooth, not too runny batter.
Chop parsley and half a clove of garlic finely and stir it in the batter.
Beat the eggs with a little salt in a separate bowl.
Heat up 1 cm of oil in a large frying pan.
Dip the zucchini flower first in batter and then in beaten egg and fry them until golden brown.
Serve hot.

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