onsdag den 19. maj 2010

Cream cheese and caviar

Robiola ed uova di lompo
We are not talking genuine Russian or Iranian caviar here, but cheap substitutes like salmon or lumpfish roe. Bright red or black coloured fish beads with a salty taste and a texture that goes puff in the mouth. Some might say that it looks like leftovers from the 80s, and it no doubt goes well with shoulder pads and glittered lipstick, but anyway … I kind of like it. Especially, when served as party food dip with grissini or as an elegant hors d’oeuvre spooned up on tarelli or as hollowed out squash tube filling. Fabulous.

1 small red onion
100 g Robiola (or ordinary cream cheese)
200 g fresh ricotta or cottage cheese
1 small glass of black or red ‘caviar’
Cutting of fresh chives

Chop the onion finely.
Mix the two types of cheese with a fork, add onion and some caviar.
Give the mixture a couple of hours in the fridge to settle.
Dress up with more caviar and chives before serving.

If you wish to serve the cheese in squash cylinders, cut the vegetable in 2 cm slices. Hollow out each slice with a spoon or a stamp out cylinder and give it a quick boil. I can’t quite make up my mind as to whether it is easier to boil first and hollow out later or the other way round, suppose it depends on your tools, but both methods work.

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